Free Font Resources

Font Spy

In addition to making this site, I have made a fun font search site called FontSpy. Give it a spin and find some cool fonts. It has a combination of free fonts and paid fonts.

You can search fonts with preview text by entering the preview test in brackets, for example search:

Party fonts [Let's Party!]

Free Fonts is one of my favorite free font resources. The website is laid out very well and all of the font resources are very easy to download. The licenses for each font are clearly stated. The range of fonts is quite large and of a good quality. is a great place to get free fonts. Fonts are easily downloadable and the font choices are about the same as is a great font website. The thing I like the most about Acid Fonts is that they show layouts of the fonts on various backgrounds and they have a nice selection of freely available fonts. has a large selection of free fonts and is a pretty clean site. I have used abstract fonts numerous times. actually has the most free fonts that I have ever seen. I'm not sure how legitimate their dealings are, but they have way to many commercial fonts freely available for download. I put them later on the list because I don't want to promote using commercial fonts without paying for them.

Themed Fonts

I am providing easy links to free font resources by theme, genre or style. I am putting a few down and will try to add genres as I think of them. Each link has the name of the website, but they will open up genre specific font lists. For example, the dafont link under western fonts will open up the western styled fonts category in dafont.

By Genre

FREE WESTERN FONTS: dafont, fonts101,  fontSpace

FREE STENCIL FONTS: stencilrevolutiondafont, tripod, urbanfonts, 101freefonts

FREE GRUNGE FONTS: instantshift,  cooltext, webdesignbooth, webdesignledger

FREE HANDWRITTEN FONTS: fontspace,  fontsforpeas, dafont, tripwire, feulyourcreativity

FREE CUTE FONTS: fontspace, dolliecrave, neskaya

FREE WEDDING FONTS: bestdesignoptionsfontspace

By Holiday

FREE HALLOWEEN FONTS: acidfonts, dafont, fontsnthings, fontspace, halloweenfonts

FREE EASTER FONTS: fontspace, dafont,

FREE CHRISTMAS FONTS: moorstationtheholidayspot, dafont, fontsandthings, fontspace


How to Install Fonts

I have compiled a page of simple instructions on how to install fonts for different operating systems. click here to read the instructions