Hello, my name is Zach Zurn. I have been a working designer, typographer and web programmer for over 5 years. I created this website as an easy way to identify font faces for various logos and advertisements. I will be attempting to put as many logos on this site as I can. These are the areas of designs I will be attempting to gather font information on:

This website is a compilation of related information made simple and stripped of too much extra information. Do feel free to reach out of you feel you have something to say or if you think a piece of information I have given should be modified. Thanks!!

~ Name That Font editor: Zach Zurn

2023 Update

I had previously built this site with Wordpress, but it got hacked. It is now built with Zola, which is great! We no longer have to worry about being hacked. We are hosting on Netlify for the moment.